Dünnbett-remediation system

Drywall board

  • milled underfloor heating plate
  • gypsum fiber material
  • Plate dimensions: 1000 x 600 x 18 mm 
  • construction height: 20 mm



The drywall underfloor heating has been specially developed for very low floor constructions. A special feature is the possibility of direct Verfliesens (without intermediate plate) on the dry floor plate. The system consists of a 18 mm Fermacellplatte with factory-milled pipe guides for on-site integration of underfloor heating pipe 11x1,8 mm (oxygen diffusion-tight to DIN 4726) The plates are in a site built substructure laid. Subsequently, the heating pipes can be laid in the pipe guides. The scope of this system extends across the dry interior finishing; of any renovation plans to loft extensions and the application in low-energy houses.